What is Power Only Trucking?

When people see a loaded truck on the highway, most of them don’t realize the two halves of the truck—the load-carrying trailer and the tractor pulling it—could be owned by different companies. This is a type of transportation service called “power only trucking,” in which the company that owns the trailer hires the tractor and […]

What is Freight Management?

The supply chain has moved from a back office function to a boardroom-level consideration in most organizations. Optimizing the transportation of goods is a complicated, yet essential problem to solve because it directly impacts a company’s bottom line. Through proper freight management, businesses can generate significant savings and insulate themselves from supply chain disruptions. What […]

All About Multimodal Transport and Shipping

There are four main shipping modes employed: air, ground, sea, and rail. Each poses unique benefits and limitations that make it suitable for different transportation and shipping applications. Some freight shipments—such as long-distance or international ones—require the use of multiple modes to reach the final destination. For these situations, multimodal transport is an ideal solution. […]

Tips on How to Clear Customs Quickly and Efficiently

1. Concentrate on that which can be checked. Not every step of the process will be controllable. Focus on those things you can control. 2. Have someone available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance in case problems come up. 3. Always keep a record in writing and make sure communication is good. 4. Always […]

International Shipments – Total Process

Several parties are involved in international shipment. But the main decision requiring active involvement of all parties is shipments.  There are two major terms of shipment widely used round the globe. These are freight on board (FOB) and cost net freight (CNF). Other terms such as cost net insured (CIF) and cash against document/delivery (CAD) […]

Hazardous Material Shipping – Part 2

The shipment of hazardous materials is a serious concern for the health and safety of living beings and the environment. These hazardous materials can be in the form of a solid, liquid, or gas. They can be dangerous and radioactive in nature. They may also be flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or have some other characteristic […]

Ocean Freight Shipping – Part 2

Ocean freight shipping plays a major role in the shipment of goods between countries and continents.  It offers a cost-effective transportation solution. One should choose ocean freight shipping when the transportation time is not important for the shipper.  Ocean freight is a low cost mode of transportation and is normally used to ship large and […]

Railway Shipping – Part 2

Railway shipping is a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S. and is highly acclaimed due to its on-time deliveries. Railway shipping uses rail carriages that load tons of goods and transport these goods from one place to another. A railway carriage is a goods or freight-carrying vehicle that runs on a rail transport system, which […]

LTL Shipments for Beginners

The term LTL stands for “less than a truck load.  As the name implies, LTL shipments address a serious industry need. With growing cross-border business and increased dependency on transportation among business-to-business enterprises around the globe, the need for “less than a truck load”, or LTL, is faced everywhere. LTL is the solution to most […]

How to Maintain Efficient Handling for the Shipping Process

For efficient handling of shipped items, carriers use special equipment to avoid breakage and to handle items that are too heavy to move manually.  Special material handling equipment is used in most cases to handle shipped items efficiently and quickly.  Carriers that use such equipment are more reliable and secure. Material handling equipment used in […]