A growing trend that addresses this issue for shippers and haulers is the concept of “Power-Only” shipping.

Consider trailers designed for:

  • job sites, both for offices and equipment storage
  • heavy equipment that is occasionally moved
  • hosting modifications to run specialized equipment
  • exhibits and promotions
  • or disaster relief or mobile operation centers

Each of these situations feature scenarios where having a trailer full time is necessary, but running a tractor is neither necessary nor cost effective. The cost of staffing a driver alone would be excessive without even mentioning the cost to purchase and maintain a tractor.

Power only shipping is a convenient logistics solution that gives companies more control over the transportation process. Satellite is here to help by providing you with drivers based on your logistical needs and load size.

Power only shipping is an excellent solution when you have more trailers that need to be moved than available trucks. With this service, trucks are modified to accommodate several trailer combinations. The truck’s modifiable fifth wheel allows it to fit your trailer’s specifications and dimensions.

Benefits of Power Only Shipping

The growing concept of power only shipping is solving many issues for haulers and shippers. Satellite specializes in power only shipping and can help with all your freight transportation needs. By using our power only trucking service, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including:


Since the client owns the trailers used, it gives them more control over the process in regards to maintaining and properly loading the trailers and ensuring they comply with state and federal regulations.  

No maintenance

One of the major benefits of choosing power only shipping is not dealing with the stress of truck maintenance that is involved with other types of trucking. Truck maintenance issues can delay a shipment, but with power only shipping, the trucking company handles all maintenance concerns. Also, the client doesn’t have to go through the process of vetting a driver. 


When a client owns their containers, there are huge cost savings when using power only shipping. Without the cost of container fees, power only transportation is one of the most affordable options available. 

No Insurance

When utilizing power only loads for your transportation needs, the client doesn’t have to worry about the expense of insuring the truck. Making it a more convenient trucking format than others. 

How to Choose a Freight Broker

Working with a quality and dependable freight broker can save you time and hassle when coordinating a driver to transport your loaded trailer. When deciding on a freight broker, use the below list of tips to help you narrow down your options.

  • Make sure the broker is licensed. Ensure they have proper authority and a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 
  • Find out the length of time the broker has been in business. This ensures that you find a broker that has industry knowledge and experience. 
  • Look for multiple modes. A freight broker who offers a variety of transportation methods can be a one-stop-shop for shipments requiring varying types of transports. 
  • Check their insurance. Enjoy peace of mind by working with a broker that carries both liability insurance and ‘errors and omissions’ insurance. 
  • Investigate the broker’s carrier and trucking selection process. Check to ensure they are properly vetting their carriers and ask about their process for effectively managing your loads.

At Satellite, we have over 30 years of experience serving the specialized transportation needs of North America. Our knowledge of transportation management combined with choosing to use only quality carriers means we can develop a solution that meets your needs efficiently and effectively. 

Trust Satellite for Transporting Power Only Loads

For fewer headaches and more reliable freight transportation services, power only shipping is a beneficial service for helping companies transport large loads. At Satellite, we offer quality power only transport services so you can focus on the more crucial tasks of running your business.

Since 1989, customers have trusted Satellite for their specialized transportation. Our extensive resources and expertise in transportation management and planning allow us to exceed customers’ expectations. For more information on our power only shipping services, contact us today.

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