Stretch Trailers

When you’re working with shipments that push the limits of legal load sizes, every inch can count sometimes.  It may be tempting to resign yourself to booking an over-dimensional shipment, consider reconfiguring your load plan to be longer instead of taller or wider.  The fact is that many modern flatbeds possess the capacity to “stretch out” and become longer when the job requires it. Many trucking fleets consider fielding stretch trailers to be more efficient than running an assortment of flatbed sizes.

A stretch trailer looks exactly as you would probably imagine.  They are similar to most other flatbed-type trailers except where they feature a sliding mechanism that can grow or shrink the length of the cargo bed.  Stretching cargo beds are also a feature on the sub-varieties of flatbeds, such as double-drop down or multi-axle trailers. They are essentially well suited for the same types of shipping as the non-stretch models, with the obvious emphasis on the ability to legally ship a lot of extra length.

This extra length can vary between measurements as low as six as feet or as high as eleven feet.  This is beneficial if you have materials or components that will require this extra length to safely and legally fit onto the flatbed.  The extra length could also be used to stack more products on a flatbed without making their increasing their vertical clearance requirements.

It is important to learn to limits and capacities of the trailers you intend to employ.  Some stretch trailers must be loaded a certain way to prevent damage to the actual stretching mechanisms.  There are also occasionally reduced weight capacities, particularly on older models of stretch trailers.

The major potential advantage of the stretch trailer is, of course, its versatility.  They may be your best option if you aren’t exactly sure how large your shipment will be on the pickup date.  Always make sure, however that you have reserved the entire trailer for your shipment in this case. Keep the hauler up to date with as much information as possible about your shipment so the proper transportation resources can be allocated.

The stretch trailer is primarily a tool that logistics companies use to better its service and its efficiency. Once you submit your shipment requirements to obtain a quote, the hauler will determine whether or not one its stretch trailers will be required.  It is nonetheless important to be aware of the different equipment and technology available to support your transportation needs.