How to Choose Your Shipping Carrier

Posted by sachin

When you buy an item on the Internet or brick and mortar store and you need it shipped, you need a carrier.  Carriers ship items via different methods including rail, air, sea, or road.

It’s worth the effort to take a look at the available carriers and choose the best one to ship your items.  Making such a choice will minimize the risks of shipping and ensure you receive your items safely and promptly.  The type and nature of your shipped items will greatly affect your carrier choice.

Typically, carriers are chosen based upon their price, reputation, licensing, and insurance offered for damage or loss during shipment.  You will also want to know if you will be compensated for any delay in the arrival of your goods.  A carrier should also be chosen based upon the different shipping options they offer.  The option you desire will vary according to the nature of your item.  The means of transportation that will be used to ship your purchased items will affect the shipping rate and shipping time.  Shipping risks are present in all means of transportation, though the nature and severity of the risks vary.

Delivery and storage options influence the carrier choice for most, but so do whether or not there is a need for an item to be delivered at or before a certain time.  If a specific time is needed, the fastest carrier is the best choice even if it is more expensive.  Price is often one of the most important factors, though it shouldn’t be the only factor.  Because a carrier is inexpensive doesn’t mean it will be also be efficient.  You should ask what the price quotes include.  Does it include packaging and handling?  What additional services are offered as part of the quote?

When determining a carrier’s reputation, you can get helpful information through the Internet.  Alternatively, you can ask friends and acquaintances who have used this carrier before if they successfully received their items in a timely manner at an affordable price.  If you are selecting a shipping carrier for a regular business then a detailed study about which carrier suits your needs more fully would be helpful.  The most important factor in choosing a carrier is up to you since it will depend on your needs and your budget.

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