Railway Shipping Info

Posted by sachin

Railway shipping is a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S. and is highly acclaimed due to its on-time deliveries. Railway shipping uses rail carriages that load tons of goods and transport these goods from one place to another. A railway carriage is a goods or freight-carrying vehicle that runs on a rail transport system, which helps in the transportation of cargo. Railway shipping is the safest mode of transportation and has lower air emissions than many other modes. Transporting goods through railway shipping is the least expensive method and is more fuel efficient than other methods. In today’s industry rail shipping is a competitive and reliable transportation solution. The unintended wear and tear on goods is reduced with railway shipping.

Railway shipping uses a linked series of vehicles called a train, which includes an engine (locomotive) that is a powered vehicle used to haul a train of unpowered vehicles. In the U.S. individual unpowered vehicles are commonly called cars. The three basic methods for generating power in an engine are steam, diesel, and electricity. The first locomotive to haul a series of cars on rail was operated by steam. These engines were called steam engines, or steam locomotives. The first steam locomotive was designed by Cornish engineer Richard Trevithick in 1804. But his experiments were not successful and finally in 1811 John Blenkinsop designed the first successful and practical railway locomotive. Then the diesel engines replaced the steam locomotive with the diesel-electric engine, typically called diesel locomotives. The switch to diesel took place largely because of its reduction in operating and maintenance costs. Finally, the most environmentally friendly mode, electric, was instituted.

Shipping freight by rail is the most economical method if one is shipping large, heavy freight. The main benefit in shipping by railways is lower costs of shipment by using one’s own equipment. Buying or leasing a container ensures the cost is reduced and the condition of the cargo is sound. But this is not always an option because some companies only use their own containers. Also, using a local rail yard for long distance domestic shipping to reduce the cost of shipment is beneficial. Some of the major rail freight companies that run through the U.S. are BNSF, CSX Corporation Inc, and Union Pacific Railroad.

A railway carriage carrying goods for transportation is called a freight car.  In the U.S. there exists a variety of freight cars including the boxcar, coil car, flatcar, side-dump car, tank car, refrigerator car, lorry, and auto carriers. The main factor in the development of railway shipping is that it has steadily increased its shipping efficiency by continually modernizing its communication networks. Also the implementation of communication technologies in railway shipping has been a key role in its development. Thus, the equipment evaluation strategies bring security, reliability, and quality to railway freight shipping resulting in railway shipping becoming the best mode of transportation in all terms. Whether because of time or money, railway shipping is always preferred over other transportation modes.