Tips on How to Clear Customs Quickly and Efficiently

Posted by sachin

1. Concentrate on that which can be checked. Not every step of the process will be controllable. Focus on those things you can control.

2. Have someone available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance in case problems come up.

3. Always keep a record in writing and make sure communication is good.

4. Always provide training to more than one staff member. This will help ensure having a staff who knows the system, can speak the language and is always available.

5. Be familiar with the appropriate lingo.

6. Never try to cheat the system.

7. Make payments on time. The brokers make a living by managing money and freight as collateral, and they can easily stop the shipment.

8. Be friendly with all of the borders’ drive transportation companies.

9. Continuously watch for changes in the customs policies and processes.

10. Explain the ROI to the managers. Companies spend on manufacturing proficiencies and equipment to cut down costs, only to wipe out those savings through customs penalties and delays.

Implementing these tips can help the shipment clear customs quickly and efficiently, and can save unnecessary hassles and delays.